Japan in Photos – Tsukiji Fish Market & Hamarikyu Gardens

I got back from Japan two days ago, and am still living in a bubble of disbelief. Japan is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever travelled to, with temples, shrines, greenery, and modern landscapes all within a tightly enclosed city.  Continue reading “Japan in Photos – Tsukiji Fish Market & Hamarikyu Gardens”


Dealing With Judgment As A Small Blogger

When I first started my blog, I was adamant on keeping it a secret. To a degree, Fung Shui is still operating behind closed doors – I haven’t shared my blog on my personal social media accounts, and have only shared it with my friends and family. A lot of it has to do with a fear of exposing oneself to criticism and judgment, and some of it has to deal with a desire to see if I can build my blog out of nothing. Continue reading “Dealing With Judgment As A Small Blogger”

YYC’s First Ever Cat Cafe!

The day has finally come – Calgary’s first cat cafe has opened its doors! To the delight of pretty much everyone (cat allergic-individuals included), Regal Cat Cafe is now open in Kensington and ready for cuddles and lattes. Continue reading “YYC’s First Ever Cat Cafe!”

Joanne’s Update: Returning to School After An Internship

Hello, friends!!

It feels like forever since I posted a blog post, and that’s kind of true. It’s been a long, long time since I last posted on Fung Shui. A whole month, really. Continue reading “Joanne’s Update: Returning to School After An Internship”

May Summer Faves

Calgary Summer Faves

It’s June, which means that Calgary has finally reached the stage where we’re no longer afraid a snowstorm is going to rip through our streets. To celebrate that Calgary is tuning in with the rest of the world and actually having warm weather, this May Favourites post is going to centre around favourites I think are perfect for our Canadian two-month summer (the truth hurts when you realize we only get around 2 months of truly warm weather). Continue reading “May Summer Faves”

Shopping Haul: Indigo Books vs. Three Gift Cards

I live in Canada, which means that instead of Barnes & Nobles, we have Indigo/Coles/Chapters book stores which are all owned by the same company. Lately, they’ve been converting all stores to Indigo, meaning that a lot of merchandise is beginning to focus on home and lifestyle products, like candles, Matt & Nat handbags, alphabet lightboxes, and the like. Continue reading “Shopping Haul: Indigo Books vs. Three Gift Cards”

Happy Mother’s Day: 22 Things I’m Grateful For During the 22 Years My Mom has been a Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love my mom, and I know this sounds cheesy, but she is fearless, brave, and strong in ways I haven’t yet experienced. To recognize how much I love my mom on this day of mom-indulgence and mom-happiness, I wrote down twenty two things I’m grateful for during the twenty two years my mom has been a mom. Continue reading “Happy Mother’s Day: 22 Things I’m Grateful For During the 22 Years My Mom has been a Mom”

Why I shouldn’t be a Food Blogger and Why I am One

I really, really shouldn’t be a food blogger, and here’s why: I have absolutely no authority on what is good food and what isn’t. Whenever I walk into a restaurant and start talking about the quality of the food, I feel like I have the same level of expertise as my dog who will eat a week-old charred chickpea off the kitchen floor. Continue reading “Why I shouldn’t be a Food Blogger and Why I am One”

April Faves

It feels like a week ago that I wrote my March Faves blog post – can it really already be time for April Favourites?! That’s insane that we’re already a THIRD of the way into 2017, which means I only have about two thirds of a year left to accomplish everything I want to. AKA I need to learn everything I possibly can about blogging, and read and write about 10x more than I’m currently doing. Continue reading “April Faves”

An Update on Joanne

This blog post is a quick one because I need this weekend to completely relax. With late nights at school/work, one all-nighter, and tears nearly every day, this blog post is a reflection of my current mental state: utter relief. For the first time in months, I’ve been able to truly, fully relax. Yesterday, I read a book just for my personal enjoyment. Continue reading “An Update on Joanne”